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[ Autoplay: 91-year-old Alto Sax phenom Benny Waters on his heritage in his own words at the ACJO 20th Anniversary Concert, October 16, 1993: Bandana Square, St. Paul, MN ]

Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra

Scanning the History of Jazz Orchestras

--note-for-note transcriptions of classic 
Americana/American Jazz Orchestra recordings 
performed Live! and in concert--



Mpls. Star/Tribune

“…utterly amazing.”  

Chicago Tribune

"They dare to be different.”  


“They positively shout with energy.” 

TC Reader

"I rank this band among the Top Ten Big Bands in the country."  

Carl Shunk, Willard Alexander Agency

"Outside of the original bands (most of which I saw personally), this is the most authentic Classic Jazz band project I've ever heard."   

Nat Shapiro,  Producer for Mercury and Columbia Records; co-

author, "Hear Me Talkin' To Ya" Jazz anthology


"Your Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra sure has 'fire'--I'll tell you it lifted me up and... boy, it was great to hear Benny Waters.  I got the Spirit and that's the Spirit of the music of Jazz in your band." 

Nat Hentoff, world-renowned Jazz journalist


"I'm just thrilled to get the 'Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra 20th Anniversary Concerts - Collector's Edition' CDIt's historic and so valuable-- I treasure it." 

 Leigh Kamman, "The Jazz Image"; Minnesota Public Radio


"Unseth's devotion to the music of that period (the Jazz Age) ois as scholarly as it is obsessive and there are few if any who can speak as intelligently and enthusiastically about music as Unseth." 

Bob Protzman, St. Paul Pioneer Press


“To lose what you’ve got would be like the day they put leashes on dogs.” 

Bill, For Pet’s Sake; Mpls., MN.


“Ted, you are a National Treasure, which a more civilized society would cherish and treat accordingly.  Perhaps there is hope—many in the audience were caught up in the spirit of your Classic Jazz Orchestra and seemed truly entranced.” 

 Dr. Michael W. Fox, Mpls., MN



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and then there's this...

The Awful Irony


Ted Unseth


What Fellow Musicians say about:

01.  The Current Music Scene


02.  Ted and his CJO Repertoire

01.  The Current Music Scene:

This is a direct quote from a cohort of more than 35 years:

Let me put this as clearly as I can without being offensive. Nobody gives a ____ what any of us did for the music community for the last 39+ years. There's nobody to tell and if you tell them they won't get it. I know this music is your thing and it's personal for you. You have contributed positively to my musical life and knowledge of the craft. For this I am grateful. I get it.  But there are no patrons des arts out there anymore.”

02.  Ted & his CJO Repertoire:

I’ll have to paraphrase, but this statement applies to most all players over the years:

“Ted, your Repertoire is 10X more Challenging than anything else we play on gigs; and it’s also 10X more Interesting.”

I consider My Repertoire to be High Art (note-for-note transcriptions of classic Americana/American Jazz Orchestra recordings performed Live and in concert; a unique Repertoire unlike any other in the world). 

In this 40th year of pursuit, I have the most comprehensive compilation of Supporting Materials ever (review quotes, promo photos and videos, CDs and DVDs).  I have created 22 related Websites. 

It shouldn’t be that difficult to Sell because it’s authentic Great American Music History, not just Ted Unseth personal material.  And yet, a) it’s size is unwieldy (12-15) and b) it’s unusual repertoire (not standard big-band which most people presume they want; familiarity).  So…

Q:  Why bother at all?  Why not just give up? 

A:  Because I have nothing else.  This is all I’ve got and I believe it a Worthy Cause. 

Catch 22.  I hope it doesn’t kill me.

Credo quia absurdum non accredo,