Baby Dodds


This is a site for Study.  Study of the Old School of Drumming as presented by Baby Dodds, legendary New Orleans veteran.  Specifically, it's for my nephew (grand-nephew, but let's not quibble) Ross Weseloh, who is in the throes of College and eager to learn.  

Dig it.

Ted Unseth, Director
Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra



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Drums In The Twenties_MP3

Spooky Drums 1_MP3

Spooky Drums 2_MP3

Shimmy Beat_Press Roll_MP3

Drumsticks Rudiments_Nervebeats_MP3

Tom Tom Workout_MP3

Careless Love Blues_MP3



Remember listening to old 78RPM recordings and wondering "What's the drummer doing back there?"  Here are the answers.
A unique perspective on a long-bygone era worthy of contemporary review.  

Perhaps this will contribute to World Peace.  
"All we are saying is give peas a chance."

Ted Unseth