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Virtual Orchestrations

Virtual Orchestrations

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Listed in order of comparative length:


Opus 2: 1974 - 1977; 2014

Five Orchestral Sketches:


01.  Chromatische

01. Chromatische_Strings

02.  Dolcezza

02. Dolcezza_Strings

03.  Purporta

03. Purporta_Strings

04. The Beast and Beauty

04_The Beast and Beauty

05.  DNA

06. DNA_Flute-Strings

Opus 1: 1973; 1978; 2014


Envelopment_Solo Violin

Opus 3: 1978; 2014

Concertino in 3 Movements
(Live concert performance by Minnesota Sinfonia; Basilica of St. Mary; Minneapolis, MN; April 27, 2013)

Concertino_M1 M2 M3_Live!

* Note:
M1 and M3 of "Concertino":
In the future, I will replace Solo Clarinet with Solo Violin--it will flow much better; and I've added a revised ending.  See links below:





Below are the 3 Concertino movements in Piano Reduction form:

Concertino_M1_piano redux

Concertino_M2_piano redux

Concertino_M3_piano redux

Opus 0: 1969; 2015


Originally conceived as Solo Guitar feature in 1969, during my Singer/Songwriter phase--all music done 'by ear', nothing written down.
Two original recordings were lacking in quality, so I finally scored it for Guitar and Strings in 2015.
A tribute to a young woman with many facets to her personality. 

Deanna_Solo Guitar and Strings



For a fascinating Classical Orchestra approach to ACJO note-for-note transcriptions, click on the link below for 

Americana Classic Transcriptions for Orchestra

Americana Classic Transcriptions for Orchestra

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