Concertino for Chamber Orchestra

Six Orchestral Sketches

Ted Unseth, Composer


"...great musical intuition oriented towards
composition.  ...purely intuitive and powerful."
--Ennio Morricone, Academy Award-winning composer   

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Movement I:

Intrigued by unusual time signatures favored by certain Eastern European musicians (especially Bulgarian), this movement is an imagined ‘jam session.’  It has two meter patterns:  the shorter of the two is 7/8-3/4-7/8-3/4 and the full verse is 7/8-3/4-7/8-3/4-2/4-5/8.

Movement II:

Following the advice of Arnold Schoenberg, this movement is the exploration of an interesting chord progression/harmony configuration which was created first, after which I composed the melodic solo.

Movement III:

The first half is based on an experimental guitar solo that featured ‘hammering down’ the strings on frets without the use of the right hand – double notes, on either side of the fret.  The second half is a return to the ‘jam session’ idea and configuration. 

Ted Unseth

[ * Re-scored and updated: 01/15/13 ]

Concert Scores:




Individual Parts:

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Concertino_Mvt. 2_Flute_PDF


Virtual Orchestra Recordings:

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Ted Unseth
Composer, Arranger, Transcriber, Philologist
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