Ted Unseth & De Stijlistics

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April 9, 2017:

Years go by, times change, but my obsession with note-for-note transcriptions of classic Americana/American Jazz Orchestra recordings performed live and in concert continues.

As a "concession to the recession" of the 1980's, I formed a septet version of my Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra (ACJO). Comprised of 2 Brass 2 Reeds and 3 Rhythm, the band retained 100% authenticity.

In 2016, I decided to re-invigorate this ensemble and am in the process of putting it all together again.

"Authentic Old Wave".

A unique, 'hip' and historically significant presentation of Great American Music History found nowhere else in the world.


Below are 3 MP3s of charts I recently scored from old archives and/or charts I'd always wanted to work up.

The first two are sans Piano (those parts were already written up); the third features Fletcher Henderson's note-for-note Piano and Coleman Hawkins' Tenor Sax Solo.

Digga Digga Doo_De Stijlistics_MP3

Originally recorded as The Mills Brothers with the Duke Ellington Orchestra in 1929. The Mills Brothers were famous for mimicking Jazz instruments with their voices. I decided to re-score their vocals for the actual instruments they were mimicking.

Stevedore Stomp_De Stijlistics_MP3

There are so many great Duke Ellington Orchestra recordings; they span more than five decades. I've focused on the early band recordings and the unique personnel of that time. I've given the Harry Carney Bari Sax solo to Alto Sax, but the rest is 'as was'.

Sweet Music_De Stijlistics_MP3

The Fletcher Henderson Orchestra is my all-time favorite American Jazz Orchestra. Very hot in the 1920's, still simmering in the early 1930's, but the times were changing, nearing the Swing era. This chart would be a transition from the Hot Jazz to Swing, a 'Bounce' tune. Originally featuring male vocalist Dick Robertson (who sang with both White and Black bands), I gave the vocals to Trombone; and the Violin Solo to Alto Sax--still truly authentic.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

From 1984 - 1988, this Jazz Age Septet (aka the Americana Classic Jazz Ensemble - ACJE), held forth at various venues; with major concerts at Walker Art Center and Hennepin Center for the Arts.


Two MP3 samples from Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN concert:

Take It Easy_De Stijlistics_MP3

"Take It Easy" Duke Ellington Orchestra 1928

Flaming, Screaming_De Sti_MP3

"Flaming Reeds, Screaming Brass" Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra 1933


De Stijlistics EP MP3 Tracks:

01_Get Cannibal

02_Bugle Call Rag


04_Japanese Sandman

05_Longshoreman's Blues

06_Off To Buffalo

07_GT Stomp


"Get Cannibal"
You Tube Audio/Video Pastiche

"Get Cannibal"_De Stijlistics_Audio-Video_MP4

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or you don't want to wait for a download, go to this You Tube site and it will play straightaway:

"Get Cannibal" You Tube Video Site


**Three De Stijlistics Videos**

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KTCA_Ted Unseth - De Stijlistics_Please

KTCA_Ted Unseth - De Stijlistics_Slidus Trombonus

KTCA_Ted Unseth - De Stijlistics_Radio Rhythm




[ Note: See that chair in the photos?  It was an original De Stijl designed chair, borrowed from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for this photo shoot.  Thom Sandberg, a great friend and fine media arts specialist, built the music stand from scratch to match.  Cool or what? ]