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Ted remembering the night Benny Goodman came to the club we were holding forth at, Scotties On Seventh, 1976 ]


KFAI-FM "Rockin' In Rhythm"
w/David Cummings
Ted Unseth Interview and Tracks
April 16, 2012  2-3 PM
--Classic Jazz Overview--
1973 - 2013

The Story is in Seven Phases:

Phase One: The Early Band
Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra
“Rockin’ In Rhythm” Snippet
Duke Ellington Orchestra 1931
“Duke Medley”
WCJO; Firehouse, Mpls., MN; 1973
01. “Bugle Call Rag”
Cab Calloway Orchestra
WCJO; KQRS; 1974
02. “Here Comes My Ball And Chain”
Coon-Sanders Nighthawks 1928
WCJO; Orchestra Hall, Mpls., MN; 1976

Phase Two: The Partnership Band
Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra
03. “Barnacle Bill The Sailor”
Hoagy Carmichael Orchestra 1928
WCJO; McGuire’s Supper Club;1981

Phase Three: The Septet Band
De Stijlistics
04. “Queer Notions”
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra 1933
Coleman Hawkins, Composer/Arranger
De Stijlistics; Walker Art Center 1984
(* added, not on original podcast)
* 05. “Flaming Reeds, Screaming Brass”
Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra 1932
De Stijlistics; Walker Art Center; 1984

Phase Four: The 20th Anniversary Band
Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra
06. “Man From Harlem”
Cab Calloway Orchestra 1930
ACJO; Bandana Square; St. Paul, MN ;1993
07. “Jaybird”
Lionel Hampton 1948
ACJO; Bandana Square; St. Paul, MN ;1993

Phase Five: 2008 Rehearsal Band
Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra
08. “Dudley Do Right Theme” tag
Fred Steiner, Composer
ACJO; Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church;
Mpls., MN
(* added, not on original podcast)
* 09. “Rocky Mountain Blues” tag
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra 1927
ACJO; Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church;
Mpls., MN

Phase Six: Jazz-Related Classical
Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra
(* added, not on original podcast)
* 10. “Ragtime For Eleven Instruments” 1917
Igor Stravinsky, Composer
WCJO; Orchestra Hall; Mpls., MN; 1976
11. “Concerto For Piano” 1926 (excerpts)
Aaron Copland, Composer
WCJO; Orchestra Hall; Mpls., MN; 1976

Phase Seven: Classical Orchestra Adaptations
Americana Classic Transcriptions for Orchestra
(* added, not on original podcast)
* 12. “Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere” 1920
Paul Whiteman Orchestra
ACTO; Virtual Orchestration
* 13. “Toby” 1932
Bennie Moten Orchestra/Bill Basie
ACTO; Virtual Orchestration

Extra Snippets:
(* added, not on original podcast)
* 101. Perry Mason Theme” tag
Fred Steiner, Composer
ACJO; 1980
* 102. “Suspense Theater Themed” tag
‘Johnny’ (John) Williams
ACJO; 2008
* 103. “Charleston Is The Best Dance” 1928
Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Ten/Jabbo Smith
WCJO; Commodore Hotel; St. Paul, MN; 1976
Jabbo Smith Valve Trombone solo
104. “Riffs” 1949 (tail)
Leonard Bernstein, Composer
WCJO; Orchestra Hall; 1978
105. Send Off


Ted Unseth
4205 15th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407


“…irresistible.” Mpls. Star/Tribune

“…utterly amazing.” Chicago Tribune

"They dare to be different.” Billboard

“They positively shout with energy.” TC Reader

"I rank this band among the Top Ten Big Bands in the country." Carl Shunk, Willard Alexander Agency

"Outside of the original bands (most of which I saw personally), this is the most authentic Classic Jazz band project I've ever heard." Nat Shapiro, Producer for Mercury and Columbia Records; co-author, "Hear Me Talkin' To Ya" Jazz anthology

"Your Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra sure has 'fire'--I'll tell you it lifted me up and... boy, it was great to hear Benny Waters. I got the Spirit and that's the Spirit of the music of Jazz in your band." Nat Hentoff, world-renowned Jazz journalist

"I'm just thrilled to get the 'Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra 20th Anniversary Concerts - Collector's Edition' CD. It's historic and so valuable-- I treasure it." Leigh Kamman, "The Jazz Image"; Minnesota Public Radio

"Unseth's devotion to the music of that period (the Jazz Age) is as scholarly as it is obsessive and there are few if any who can speak as intelligently and enthusiastically about music as Unseth." Bob Protzman, St. Paul Pioneer Press

“To lose what you’ve got would be like the day they put leashes on dogs.” Bill, For Pet’s Sake; Mpls., MN

“Ted, you are a National Treasure, which a more civilized society would cherish and treat accordingly. Perhaps there is hope—many in the audience were caught up in the spirit of your Classic Jazz Orchestra and seemed truly entranced.”  Dr. Michael W. Fox; Mpls., MN

Below are two Links, two halves of the show.
Best to right-click each link, select "open in 
new tab" and let it load there (it may take quite a while). 
I have edited out unnecessary sections, so it's smooth sailing throughout. 


The Link Below: Part One.
00A. through 03.

KFAI_Ted C-Jazz_041612_Part 01_MP3

Phase 1.  Early Band:
00A-00B. "Rockin' In Rhythm" compare
01.  "Bugle Call Rag"
02.  "Ball And Chain"

Phase 2.  Partnership Band:
03. "Barnacle Bill The Sailor"


The Link Below: Part Two.
04. through 105.

KFAI_Ted C-Jazz_041612_Part 02_MP3

Phase 3.  Septet Band:
04.  "Queer Notions"
* 05. "Flaming Reeds, Screaming Brass"

Phase 4.  20th Anniversary Band:
06.  "Man From Harlem"
07. "Jaybird"

Phase 5.  2008 Rehearsal Band:
08. "Dudley Do Right" tag
* 09.  "Rocky Mountain Blues" tag

Phase 6.  Jazz-related Classical:
* 10. "Ragtime For Eleven Instruments"
11.  "Copland Piano Concerto" (excerpts)

Phase 7.  Classical Orchestra Adaptation:
* 12.  "Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere"
* 13.  "Toby"

Extra Snippets:
* 101. "Perry Mason Theme" tag
* 102.  "Suspense Theater Theme" tag
* 103. "Charleston Is The Best Dance" (snippet)

104.  "Riffs" (tail)

105. Send Off




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