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Ted Unseth Virtual Orchestration for ACTO ]


formerly the ACJO



Dear St. Paul Chamber Orchestra:
This site is designed specifically for You.  I have recently mailed (no, not texted or emailed) three of your String Players a specific chart/part to an orchestration I've created for my ACTO (Americana Classic Transcriptions for Orchestra) concept.  A separate part each as an example of:
Solo Violin
Solo Viola
Solo Cello

My Story stretches back more than 40 years in the pursuit of public performance of note-for-note transcriptions of classic Americana/American Jazz Orchestra recordings.  Initially, and for many years, I enjoyed success with the ACJO (jazz band) concept.  We toured the country, recorded a couple of LP discs and had good momentum.

Long/Short: Years pass and circumstances prevent the continuation of the ACJO--I threw in the towel a couple of years ago because there simply are no gigs for such an ensemble anymore.

Thus: This Last Stand.  The Charts/Arrangements are my Gold.  And I'm now adapting them to a Classical Orchestra template. 

For more info on both versions:

ACJO: http://tedeboy.tripod.com/acjo/



Here, though, is why I created this webpage:

Three Virtual Orchestration MP3s

Bring that chart I sent you and check your specific part out; but also listen to the other two.  These are prime examples of why I think this ACTO concept must be supported and enabled.  As was said of my ACJO band in the early 1970's in Billboard magazine: "They dare to be different."  Please join me in this Difference.

Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

"Tozo" 1927
Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

Tozo_F Henderson_ACTO

[ Solo Cello - for Tenor Sax ]


Paul Whiteman Orchestra

"Whiteman Stomp" 1927
Paul Whiteman Orchestra

Whtieman Stomp_P Whiteman_ACTO

[ Solo Viola for Alto Sax ]


Don Redman Orchestra

"The Chant' 1930
Don Redman Orchestra

The Chant_D Redman_ACTO

[ Solo Violin for Alto Sax/Clarinet ]


I'm looking forward to 2016 and beyond. I will spend the year finalizing scores and parts; and I'm searching for Interested Parties: You and the SPCO. Yes, this is an unusual format, but I've spent many years searching for Jazz Orchestra recordings that stand out as uniquely creative. And I've found some real Gems that the American public (and the World) should know about and appreciate. To my mind, each transcription is a Mini Concerto and deserves contemporary performance.

Ted Unseth
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Minneapolis, MN 55407

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Secondarily, but equally as important, I urge you to review my Classical Composer page.

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