Ted Unseth Tennis Highlights

Bethany Junior College; Mankato, MN
Undefeated 2 years in a row


Father's Day Awards Ceremony

Matthews Tennis Courts; Minneapolis, MN

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Matthews Tennis Awards_062517


Ted Unseth Net Jump History:

2002; Washington, DC
Composite of two events

2012; Minneapolis, MN
At age 66, still can do!


Click on the two videos for comparison:

I'd tried this earlier in the year, stumbled , tripped, etc.  But on Thanksgiving Day 2012 I finally nailed it.  Thanks to Hans who had his smart phone recorder ready. 

Ted Net Jump_Success_2012_MP4


I didn't feel right about this at all.   The weather was below 40 degrees, too much doubt, too much thinking.  Blew it bigtime!  I may never do it again, getting older all the time.  But, you never know...

Ted Net Jump Try_2016_MP4




Tennis has been a big thrill and great therapy for me since I was a teenager.  I'm going to post personal highlights here.  

Plant me now, I'll dig you later.

Ted Unseth 

Southern Minnesota Junior College Champion
undefeated 2 years in a row     

"The feet of a gazelle and the hands of a cobra."
--Pal Jim Parker's tongue-in-cheek cheer.

District Champ in High School; SMJC champ in junior college.  Then there's a hiatus, pursing a career in Music.  Long story short:  I didn't play for several years, but finally got back into it big time when I moved to Washington, DC in 1990. 

I discovered what I called Tennis Heaven--Rose Park.  It's the only place I've known where you can go any day of the year (weather permitting) and find good players willing to play with just about anyone.  I never had to call someone to set up a match--there always was one at Rose Park.  Tennis players from all over the world (DC being a hub for international affairs) knew about Rose Park and its reputation.  

My favorites were 4 players from Togo, West Africa--3 out 4 who were better than the 4th, but that one was a big-time suck up and got the embassy to sponsor him for touring = he never won a match on tour, but uttered something I rarely hear, "I don't worry about money."  Off-tour, he'd stroll over to Rose Park with a big chest... until he played any one of the other Togo boys--they'd outplay him every time.  One of those 3, Ali Agnamba, was the best and I'm sure he could have risen to great heights, but he didn't have a Green Card and waited too long to finally get one = his prime age had passed.  A story not unlike many in the Tennis World, I'm sure.  
 Below is a pic of my buddy from Turkey, Insel Metin and myself enjoying a winter (yes, winter) hooptedoo at the DC courts taken around 2000. 


While in DC, I did a lot of archiving of my music 

Ted Unseth and the ACJO

and I combined finished CDs with my tennis trophies (one of which was Rose Park Doubles Champ) and created this 'shrine'. 


Here I am in ~ 2002 serving at my favorite alternate park: Palisades Park in DC, not far from my home and very idyllic (no traffic).


Also at Palisades Park courts.  I'm copping a tough guy attitude here: the printing on the shirt reads:  "Happiness Is Positive Cash Flow."



Matthews Park Tennis Courts, Minneapolis, MN.  Weather permitting, every Saturday is a gathering of like-minded pals who love to play doubles.  One day this summer (2013), pal Bruce and I got creamed 6-0 and I played like crap, so I lofted the racket Frisbee-style over the fence.  It was a harmless twirling throw, but it got stuck in the branches of a nearby tree.  That's rare; and Cool!  See below:

Ted Racket Up A Tree
Matthews Park; Mpls., MN 2013

Hans Climbing Tree
To Fetch Ted's Racket

Hans Shook The Branch
Down It Comes

Safe And Sound
On The Ground

Yes, I've been known to throw my racket; but almost always in a civilized fashion: not the smash-it-so-it-breaks, but more so in a Frisbee fashion: swirling horizontally so when it lands it just skids. 
Yes, I also have a tiny instruction taped on the inside of the frame that says "No racket throwing", but I sometimes forget. 
Of note below, are two occasions in the same 2010 summer, where I managed to accidentally hook my racket throw into a rung on the fencing.  Also rare, that's why I took the photos.



And most notably:
Twice this summer, I hit a return with so much backspin and close to the net that it bounced back over to my side from its own momentum--the Over-And-Back Drop Shot--and I won the point that way.  Twice!  I had only done it twice in my life before. 
Update Saturday 11/02/13:
I just did another one today!  That's 3 in one summer.  Does this qualify for the Guinness Book of Records?  I wonder how many pros have done that.

Matthews Park 2013 Seating






The Best Tennis Chair Ever
My Winnie The Pooh - fits in my bag

Monica Seles:
My Hero

Monica Seles

Click on the link below for a "dazzling display of power tennis" twixt left-handed Monica Seles and Jennifer Capriati in 2002.  This one point shows how Monica's two-handers on both sides could be devastating--solid hitting (and double-grunting) on every shot (amazing), except the last one. 
And that's because Jennifer with all of her scrambling was hitting solid returns on every shot too (equally as amazing), except the last one.  And Monica could tell that she didn't need to kill her last one, just hit one more ball cross-court.
Jennifer was #1 in the world at this time and eventually won that match.  But before Monica finally retired (after recovering from the awful stabbing nightmare), she beat every #1 ranked female tennis player at least once, including Serena Williams. 

Monica-Jennifer_Miami 2002_avi

Matthews Park, July 5, 2011.  My 65th birthday, thus the party hat.  Serving is mainly a mystery to me, but these timeline shots look pretty good.  I wish they felt as good.  Keep working on it...







--More later--