Three Fiddlers

The Classical Music scene has offered a phenomenon called "The Three Tenors"--3 topnotch male Classical singers.  I suggest we do something similar featuring Violin, Viola and Cello; and calling it "The Three Fiddlers". 

I have Joshua Bell and Yo Yo Ma in mind already:

Joshua Bell, Violin

I have yet to discover an equally famous Viola player.  Suggestions welcome.

Anonymous Viola

Bell and Ma have performed together quite often.  I should think they have ideas for completing the triad: Viola soloist.


Below are  three examples of my note-for-note transcriptions of American Jazz Orchestra recordings adapted to Classical Orchestra format that call for stellar string solos.
These three are a departure from my primary focus, the Jazz Age, but I found them especially intriguing: unique and historically significant Big Band arrangements. 

01. "Jaybird" 1948
Lionel Hampton Big Band


"Jaybird" 1948
Lionel Hampton Big Band
ACTO Score Layout:
X: Solo Violin vamp (originally Hampton Vibes)
Intro: Ensemble
A1, A2, B, A3: Ensemble
C1, C2, D, C3: Solo Violin (originally Male Vocal)
E1, E2, F, E3: Ensemble
G1, G2, H, G3: Cello Solo (originally Bob Crea Tenor Sax)
I1, I2, J, I3: Solo Violin (originally Hampton Vibes)
K1, K2, L, K3: Ensemble
M: Full ensemble tail-out

Jaybird_Lionel Hampton_AJCO_MP3


02. "What's This?" 1945
Gene Krupa Orchestra


Cello Solo = Dave Lambert Male Vocal
(Dave Lanbert later famous with "Lambert, Hendricks and Ross", unique Jazz vocal trio.)

What's This?_Gene Krupa_AJCO_MP3


03. "Crescendo In Blue"1956
Duke Ellington Orchestra

Duke Ellington Orchestra 1956
Newport Jazz Festival

Crescendo In Blue_Duke Ell_AJCO_MP3

"Elaine" dancing up a storm
Newport Jazz Festival; 1956

This arrangement has history of note:

Duke first penned his score in the 1930's; re-worked it in the 1940's and finalized it at the Newport Jazz Festival of 1956.  The complete work is titled "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue".  After "Diminuendo", Duke originally assigned a few choruses of soloing to Tenor Sax great Paul Gonsalves, but at this concert Duke knew Paul was a bit "in his cups" and when he was in this state, Duke made him work extra hard = instead of a handful, it was 27 choruses!  Partly because of the 'punishment', but also because there was a woman in the audience who was going crazy-wild over the music = she was taking her clothes off!  The rest is history. 

Yo Yo Ma, Cello


Hope springs eternal = I will not rest until I get my AJCO repertoire performed by a qualified Classical Orchestra.  Philanthropists, step up!