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"Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra 20th Anniversary w/Benny Waters"
"I'm Goin' Home"
CD TEB CJO 01 - "Best of Original Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra - Album 1"
Jabbo Smith Interview
CD TEB CJO 02 "Best of Original Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra - Album 2"
WCJO_July 4, 1975_Barge_Mississippi River_VidCaps
WCJO Memorabilia 1973-1979
CD TEB CJO BOX 01-05: "Early Wolverines CJO 5CD Box Set"
CD TEB CJE 01 "Ted Unseth & De Stijlistics"
CD TEB CJE 02 - 03 Ted Unseth & the Americana CJE: Walker Art Center - Hennepin Center
CD TEB SS 02 - "Ted Unseth: Live! at the New Riverside Cafe' "
CD TEB SS 03 - "Vagabond"_Various Venues_Liner Notes and Lyrics
CD TEB SS 04 - "Ted Unseth: The Sub-Basement Tapes"
CD TEB C 01 "Composure"
CD TEB CA 01A 01B "Overture" "Overture for Strings"
CD008/Quodlibet/Ted Unseth: Composer/Arranger
CD TEB CA 04 "Variations On A Theme Of Carla Speak"
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Dave Sletten Remembered: A History of the Early Wolverines CJO

Ted Unseth/TedEBoy Productions



[ The above video snippet is from an interview by nephew Robb Unseth
in 2006, just before Ted moved back to Minneapolis from Washington, DC ]

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Ted Unseth & ACTO

Kickstarter Proposal



[Click on Link below for Official ACJO Website]


note-for-note re-creations of classic American 
Jazz/Americana Orchestra performances

Ted Unseth's

3 Musical Personae 

01. Singer/Songwriter

02. Classic Jazz Orchestra Director

03. Composer/Arranger





CD Pictures on this page are
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Ted Unseth & the
Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra

"Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra
20th Anniversary Concert with Special Guest
Benny Waters" CD


"ACJO 20th Anniversary with Benny Waters" CD.   Click Link below:


Ted Unseth, Singer/Songwriter:

"I'm Goin' Home" CD

Bootleg Basement Virtual Band Full Studio Mix CD
Ted Unseth, Singer/Songwriter 1966-1973. Click picture.

"I'm Goin' Home" CD now available at cdbaby.com. Click here.

"I'm Goin' Home"
now becomes
"I'm Back Home"
After 16 years in Washington DC, I've decided to move back to Minneapolis.  I and My Stuff are finally all here, now (too long a story) and I'm gearing up for reclaiming a proper place in the Twin Cities Music Scene. 
Stay tuned.


Ted Unseth, Composer/Arranger:

Click on the Link below for Ted Unseth, Composer/Arranger:

Ted Unseth, Composer/Arranger



For a more complete profile, click on the link below: "Ted Unseth's 29 Websites".

These are my more-than-140-characters version of Twitter and/or Facebook.  Mine however create zero cash flow--they're just a more focused presentation of things I consider significant.

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19.  CD TEB CA 04:  "Variations On Carla Speak"

20.  Ted Unseth, Composer/Arranger Website

The Writer's Corner

33. 40. IPAN (India Project for Animals and Nature) IPAN (India Project for Animals and Nature)



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