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The Original

Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra

Best of – Vol. 01

This compilation was inspired by highly valued band member Dave Sletten. Dave was an original founding member and was a faithful supporter of my Classic Jazz philosophy. These tracks are from the early original WCJO days, but Dave was also involved in my partnership band and septet of the early 1980’s and a key player in the ACJO 20th Anniversary Concerts of 1993 at Bandana Square, St. Paul, MN.

By 1999, Dave had been diagnosed with melanoma cancer. At one point, it seemed to be in remission but came charging back and took his life in 2000 at the age of 45. This was a great loss, to be sure.

Before Dave’s energy was completely sapped, he worked hard at editing old band tapes and composed a detailed essay on the history of the original WCJO (this can be found on the Internet at https://tedeboy.tripod.com/id40.html). I was living in Washington, DC then and Dave sent me two important items: 01) the complete printed History of the WCJO (30 some pages); and 02) a CD of 15 raw tracks from old WCJO tapes. I was blown away by the CD because I had not yet been computerized and it’s something I always wanted to compile. Dave inspired me to get a computer, get online and join the world community. Once on the Internet, I went to Dave’s personal website and was mightily impressed. All these things led to what I have today: 28 Ted-related websites and a host of archival CDs and DVDs.

This "Best Of – Vol. 1" list is culled from Dave’s 15 raw tracks.

The first two tracks I’ve added from our first LP. The rest are from Dave’s compilation.

Of Special Note are the tracks with Special Guest, trumpet ace Jabbo Smith. Dave Sletten was also instrumental in getting Jabbo to come to St. Paul and play with us at the Commodore Hotel (a regular gig for us). The Jabbo Smith story has many facets to it, but suffice it to say we had Living History in our midst—Jabbo was the chief rival of Louis Armstrong in the 1920’s. You can hear Jabbo on: "Minor Drag"; "San"; "You Ain’t The One" and "Charleston Is The Best Dance" (where he played valve trombone).

One night, the President of the U of MN, Malcolm Moos, came to our presentation with his wife and daughter. He found chairs for the other two, but the place was packed so he sat on the floor in front of the dance floor. I offered to find him a chair and he said," No, I’m fine right here. I’m just a frustrated trumpet player and I’m having a ball!"


Ted Unseth and the

Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra


The Best Of The Early Wolverines CJO: 

1973-1979         -Album 1-                            

1.  Mississippi Mud 1927

Paul Whiteman Orchestra

(Becky Riemer, vocals)

2.  Misery Blues  1926

Ma Rainey

(Becky Riemer, vocals)

3.  Bugle Call Rag  1928

Cab Calloway Orchestra

(Joe Demko, vocals)

4.  Tozo  1927

Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

5.  Hop Off  1927  **

Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

6.  Minor Drag  1930  **

 Fats Waller Orchestra

7.  King San Of Boomelay  1929  **

Jimmie Noone Apex Club Orchestra

8.  Wringin’ and a’Twistin’ Blues  1927

Ma Rainey

(Joan Gudmestad, vocals)

9.  Here Comes My Ball And Chain  1928

Coon/Sanders Nighthawks

(Joe Demko, vocals)

10. Some Of These Days 1930

Cab Calloway Orchestra

(Joe Demko, vocals)

11. You Ain’t The One  1929  **

Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Ten

(Michelle Peterson, vocals)

12. Charleston Is The Best Dance After All  ** 

Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Ten  1929

13. One O’clock Leap


(Ted Unseth, piano; Joe Demko, bass)

** Special Guest: Legendary Jabbo’ Smith;

69 years old; Trumpet and Valve Trombone

01_Mississippi Mud_LP_MP3

02_Wringin Twistin Blues_LP_MP3

03_Bugle Call Rag_MP3


05_Hop Off_MP3

06_Minor Drag_MP3

07_King San of Boomelay_MP3

08_Wringin & Twistin_MP3

09_Ball & Chain_MP3

10_Some Of These Days_MP3

11_You Ain't The One_MP3

12_Charleston Best Dance_MP3

13_One O'Clock Leap_MP3