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The Original

Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra

Best of – Vol. 02

This is a Best Of compendium of WCJO performances, from 1973 through 1982. The first 14 tracks are from the original WCJO group when I was sole founder and leader. The remaining tracks are mostly from the partnership years (1980-1982).

Of Special Note:

Track 5: "Let’s Go Someplace…" This night was our last night at Scotties On Seventh, a most perfect venue for us: authentic art deco, etc. When we stared out, we had 4 nights a week; but Disco became the rage and the club re-modeled to cater to that crowd. We were reduced to one night a week and then finally terminated. I wasn’t going to let this pass without ‘commentary’, so I used the Intro material that was used on the Don Redman Orchestra recording of "Shakin’ The African’ ". It’s a ‘fake’ sweet sound band in the background and Don is saying stuff like: "This music’s all right, but we’ve always been a bunch for plenty of pep and excitement. C’mon, let’s get our hats and go someplace where we can have some Fun! … and this is where the hot tempo gets picked up for the real tune. Well, I did that Intro rap, but substituted "disco" for "music" and we never went into the tune, but rather walked off the stage (it was our last number anyway). The club owner saw what happened and was not pleased. He actually threatened to sue me over "alienation of audience" (?). I said, "Go ahead." He never did. And I at least got my ‘dig’ in.

Eventually, my partners leveraged the W. name from me and I had to basically start over with a new name: the Americana Classic Jazz Orchestra (ACJO). It was tough being in the TC area with the W. band getting all the important gigs that I used to get (the name had much clout back then). I finally moved out of town to Washington, DC where I lived for 16 years. I returned to the TCs in 2006 and worked at re-invigorating this great Classic Jazz Orchestra project. It’s not easy and the cultural climate (here and everywhere) is one of dumbing-down and low appreciation. As of 2014, the last paying gig for the ACJO was 1993! Give up? Not a chance. I love this project and will champion it until I can no longer.

Ted Unseth


Ted Unseth and the



The Best Of The Original Wolverines CJO:

1974-1982 -Album 2-

1. Untouchables tag 1962

Nelson Riddle, arrgr.

(Scottie’s on 7th; Mpls., MN 1976)

2. Shootin’ the Pistol 1927

Clarence Williams Orchestra

(The Longhorn Saloon; Mpls., MN 1974)

3. Wildflower Rag 1927

Clarence Williams Orchestra

((Scottie’s on 7th; Mpls., MN 1976)

4. Hot Mustard 1927

Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

((Scottie’s on 7th; Mpls., MN 1976)

5. Let’s Go Someplace 1977

Ted Unseth (upon hearing that Disco was to

going to replace the band)

((Scottie’s on 7th; Mpls., MN 1977)

6. Chant of the Weed 1931

Don Redman Orchestra

(Commodore Hotel; St. Paul, MN 1977)

7. Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere 1920

Paul Whiteman Orchestra

(Adventureland Inn; Des Moines, IA 1977)

8. Whiteman Stomp 1928

Paul Whiteman Orchestra

(Adventureland Inn; Des Moines, IA 1977)

9. Jangled Nerves 1936

Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

(Prom Ballroom; St. Paul, MN 1978)

10. Beethoven Riffs On 1938

John Kirby Sextet

(Orchestra Hall; Mpls., MN 1978)

11. Casa Loma Stomp 1931

Glenn Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra

(Prom Ballroom; St. Paul, MN 1980)

12. I Cover the Waterfront 1941

Teddy Wilson Orchestra

(Joan Gudmestad, vocals)

(Orchestra Hall; Mpls., MN 1976)

13. Rhythm in Spain 1938

Jabbo Smith Orchestra

(Dave Jensen, trumpet solo)

(Orchestra Hall; Mpls., MN 1976)

14. What’s This? 1946

Gene Krupa Orchestra

(Prom Ballroom, St. Paul, MN 1982)

15. Barnacle Bill the Sailor 1928

Hoagy Carmichael Orchestra

(Ted Unseth, vocals)

(McGuire’s Supper Club; Mpls., MN 1982)

16. Mean Music 1928

Gene Kardos Orchestra

(Shirley Witherspoon, vocals)

(KTCA-TV; St. Paul, MN 1982)

17. I Gotcha 1939

Don Redman Orchestra

(Ted Unseth, vocals)

(KTCA-TV; St. Paul, MN 1982)

18. St. Louis Shuffle 1926

Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

(KTCA-TV; St. Paul, MN 1981)

19. Jaybird 1946

Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra

(Joyce-Marie, scat vocal;

Bob Crea, tenor sax solo;

Eddie Berger, alto sax solo)

(Uncle Sam’s; Mpls., MN 1979)

20. Minnie the Moocher 1927

Cab Calloway Orchestra

(Prudence Johnson, vocal;

Doc Cheatham, trumpet solo)

(Grant Park; Chicago Jazz Festival; Chicago, IL 1980)

21. Dancin’ in the Street 1965

Martha & the Vandellas

(Shirley Witherspoon, vocal;

Ted Unseth, arranger)

(McGuire’s Supper Club; Mpls., MN 1982)

22. Suspense Theatre tag 1964

Johnny Williams, arranger

(Scottie’s on 7th; Mpls., MN 1976)



(Copyright 2007 Ted Unseth)

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