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"Are my ears on wrong?"
[20th Century American composer Charles Ives to his nephew]


The Norwegian/American Institute for the Tin Ear
4840 MacArthur Blvd. NW #TR1
Washington, DC 20007

Dear Ms. Ballandchaino,

No doubt you've asked yourself this question many times: "Are my ears on wrong?" And, invariably, the answer has been, "I have no idea. They look fine to me."

Well, there's more to the ear than meets the eye, dear friend. And we, here at the NAITE, would like you to know that there's a Great Beautiful World of Music Appreciation out there and you, as well as any other, can access that World!

Yes, you've heard so many people say, "That music was so beautiful--I was moved to tears." and you've wondered,
"What are they talking about? It's just a bunch of notes, to me. I don't get it." or "Who died?"

Bewitched? Bothered? Bewildered? Or just plain Curious?

Our Insight Department has all the Answers and they can be yours--absolutely Free!

"What should I do?" you ask.  Do this:
Simply send a Note of Inquiry to this e-mail address--
tedeboy@att.net-- you'll receive a reply within 24 hours. We'll start you on your Magnificent Journey in no-time-flat; and, soon enough, you, too, will be saying out-loud, in-public, for others to hear, "That's about the most beautiful Thing I've ever heard in my Life! Does anyone have a Tissue?"

Sure, take your time. Think it over. Consult with your Therapist. But, in the end, we think you'll conclude that Life is a more complete experience with ears that are on Right.

Yours with infinite patience,

Ole Bull, Director,
Norwegian/American Institure
for the Tin Ear

p.s. Yes, Friend, I once had a Tin Ear, too. Which is to say, "Anything's possible-- just Dare to Dream."

NAITE 4840 MacArthur Blvd. NW #TR1 Washington, DC 20007


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