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What's Wrong With My Phone?
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facsimile transmittal

To: C. Bertoncino

From: T.E. Bois

Date: 7.11.01


For a long time now, I've experienced this phenomenon: When I'm on the phone and I want to use two hands, I prop the receiver twixt my shoulder and my ear/side of face and I hear Scratchy Phone Sounds every time I shift the phone positioning (no matter how slight).  And Im thinking it's a bad phone cord or a bad connection.  I wiggle the cord, push/pull on the connection...  This has been going on for more than a year.  I just couldn't figure it out

until yesterday:

I spent @ 17 hours talking to 17 different Help techs regarding computer problems and I did a lot of waiting with the phone propped and late in the day I finally realized:

It's the beard-stubble on my chin rubbing up against the mouthpiece...

C'mon! Really? Really.

I just thought you'd like to know.

TE Boy





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