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11/12/06  Note:
1. Most all of the pictures on this page were taken with a flip-up camera on a Palm handheld (not great, but not bad).
2. The First Half (or thereabouts) is from my years in Washington, DC (July 1990-September 2006)
The Second Half is from where I now reside, Minneapolis, MN (October 2006-Infinity). 
From The Nation's Capital:

The Working Stiff

E Boy meditating while the Boss is on the throne

E Boy studying the No Smoking sign

E Boy displaying Signs of Maturity in warehouse

E Boy:Graduate of the Client Development Institute
"Master of The Telephone"

You think I was kidding?

E Boy's ingenious Message Holder

E Boy's Desk Message Center
MA = Mary Anne = Boss' wife = Don't Touch


No, E Boy's remembering not to forget.

E Boy = Box Boy

Left front pocket Essentials

E Boy = Key Boy

An Interesting Personal Note Regarding A Couple Of My Body Parts

Why don't these middle fingers match?
Left Hand Middle Finger = Teenage 'Softball' Injury

[Ed. note:  New Softballs are hard as a rock and hurt like hell if you're not wearing a glove.]

Home Sweet Home

About as much sunlight as I ever get
in my sub-sub-basement apartment.

My Rocker
With practice, as much fun as a Swing

Waiting For Leonard


My favorite Homemade Tennis Trick
while waiting for my parnter in Clash of the Titans



A Lovely Little Alley

A Lovely Little Alley I discovered the other day.
It took 6 years to find it--and it's 1/2 a block away.

When I Was Seventeen

One of millions of 17-year Cicadas
found in the DC metro area this Spring.

Officer: "So?"
Dog: "Like I was saying--I left my ID at home. Trust me, I'm cute"

Sandhill Cranes at the Maxwell Farm

September 3 - 6, 2004
The Maxwell Farm, Northern Illinois
The Occasion:  Nephew Chris and wife Rie's Second Wedding.
The Phenomenon:  A pair of Sandhill Cranes are regular visitors to Gram Maxwell's backyard and perimeter. 
The Experiment: Ted's learning how to capture single frames of the video he shot with his Handycam (whose power cord he finally found after searching three years for it--no comment, please).  It's tricky business and so far Ted has concluded that his Video Capture card (a necessary piece of hardware for this task) is probably too Cheap and he'll need to upgrade.  For now, here are four shots of a lone Sandhill Crane.





Welcome Back To Minnesota!
From my new residence in South Mineapolis:

I spent 16 years in basement apartments in Washington, DC.  The last place was a sub-sub-basement with very little daylight/sunlight, ever.  I didn't mind then--it was completely private (no neighbors on either side or below) and I could work undisturbed, so what if I can't see anything without an electric light on, day or night...
Well, I now reside on the second floor of a house owned by friend Doug here in Minneaoplis.  It's really an Attic, but Doug did a complete remodeling of it (white walls, wood floors)--a great job. 
The first thing I noticed, however, is all of the Vaulted Ceiling areas--I've been bumping my skull just about everywhere!  I've put up Stickies galore saying "Watch Your Head!", but I've gpt fresh bumps, still.  This is going to take some getting used to. 





I really should have taken some "Before" pics of this place = boxes piled high in the middle of the Main Room.  My first priority was to establish a Computer Station and I did that in good time, but everything else was a disorganized heap.  It remained so for several weeks, until...
Last Sunday, I'm told, was a Full Moon.  Must have been because I was grabbed by some sort of Spirit to, all of a sudden, do a Clean Sweep of the place.  Whoa Nellie, I was a Whirlwind!  Thus, here are a couple of shots of my "Better Homes and Gardens" layout (thank you, Doug, for the wicker chairs and table).



Yes, 16 years in Basements in DC.  Flooded 5 different times. The Natural Lighting in the last place was hardly any at all = I tried and tried to grow and maintain Plants, but failed every time--depressing. 
Then, I come here: Windows everywhere (icluding Dormers)!  Sunlight/Daylight streaming through at all angles!  It's truly Inspiring!  I now see what I was missing all those 16 years ago.
And there was One Lone Plant up here when I moved in.  The last tenant must have left it.  It's a common indoor plant whose name I've forgotten, but it's become My Friend and I its (grammer, anyone?):
I 'spritz' it every day ( a little rainshower to freshen things up), I'm cautious about over-watering (a common demise of houseplants) and I talk to it and promise I'll do my best to keep it alive and well. 
I love having another Living Thing in my Home.  I've been too long without one.


More later...