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Dream The Responsible Dream


Dreamers Anonymous
4840 MacArthur Blvd. NW #TR1
Washington, DC 20007

Dear Ms. Ballandchaino,

We appreciate your Letter of Concern re: Patient #987654321, Ted Unseth.

We've had Mr. Unseth under Supervision for several months now and we're beginning to see some real rehabilitative progress. These things take time, but we want to assure you that we're doing everything possible to guide Mr. Unseth onto the Path of Recovery; and, considering his long history of self-imposed Dreaming, he's coming along rather nicely.

We have him enrolled in several Reality classes and he's beginning to show signs of Adult Behavior again. We, of course, will have to monitor Mr. Unseth for many more months to come (as you know, he's a Repeater--this is his fourth Visit). In the past, he's shown Great Progress only to slip back into the Dream World not long after he's been released; so we want to be sure he's truly been set Straight this time.

Thanks for your concern. We empathize with your feeling a bit guilty; but, please, don't let the fact that you 'turned Mr. Unseth in' cloud your feelings--he's in the best of care and on the road to Real Recovery.

Yours in the Real World,

Sal Hepatica, Director
Dreamers Anonymous




Institute for Responsible Dreaming
4840 MacArthur Blvd. NW #TR1
Washington, DC 20007
"Wise words do oft out of the mouths of Fools themselves bespeak."
William Shakespeare

Dear Myth Ballandchaino,

It has come to our attention that you recently volunteered information re: a certain Theodore Unseth to the infamous Dreamers Anonymous 'think tank', prompting the legally-dubious Intervention by staff members of same upon Mr. Unseth, resulting in his being detained for several weeks.

We're hard-pressed for an understanding of your motivation for such action (on the street, you'd be considered a 'snitch'), but, out of deference to Mr. Unseth's wishes, we'll forego an accounting of same and simply say that Forgiveness is an integral part of all our programs and we grant you this now.

The reason we write to you is to inform you that we have, ourselves, successfully Intervened on Mr. Unseth's behalf and he is currently being de-programmed at our Safe Haven (location undisclosed). We're encouraged that the Dreamers Anonymous 'goons' haven't completely sapped Mr. Unseth's creative juices--there's good reason for Hope.

We'd like to help you better understand the critically important role Dreamers (most especially Responsible ones) play on this Planet. And so, to that end, we offer these Observations provided by Mr. Unseth himself:

1. "Remember that time at Rose Park when my Nephew Robb and I were sitting on the stair-wall and you'd gone to the store to get something to eat (it turned out to be an ice cream sandwich, I believe)? When you returned Robb asked you what motivated you to purchase that particular item and you replied, 'I had a Veeezhun!' Not exactly a Major Vision, true; but a Vision all the same. And where did that come from?: Dreaming." (Proof available on request.)

2. "Remember the time we were playing Doubles together and you accidentally hit an Amazing Shot? I said, 'Whoa, Nellie! Where'd that come from?!' and you replied, 'It must have been God.' I submit that you were Dreaming when you hit that shot (Dreams can last but a micro-second)."
(Further proof available on request.)

3. "Remember the time we went 'for a drink' and I talked and talked and talked? Every so often, I'd look over at you and I'd see Very Heavy Eyelids. Then I'd continue talking at length again. In retrospect, I believe that what you were doing while I was talking ad infinitum was Dreaming. And it got you through another horrific Listening Session = a valuable tool, Dreaming."

These are but a few examples of Dream Worth. There are literally 1.6 trillion of them in our files. You're welcome to access these files at any time. Just go to our Website: http://tedeboy.net and submit this Password: "Dreams.exe".

Our job here at IRD is to promote Responsible Dreaming. Mr. Unseth has proven to be one of the most responsible Dreamers we've ever interacted with. Yes, he has his shortcomings in certain areas (Social Amenities, Balancing Checkbooks, Planning For The Future), but we feel the positive effects of his Responsible Dreaming far outweigh the aforementioned.

It is our sincere hope that you'll look at Mr. Unseth's Dreaming in a more favorable light in the future. We believe that he is on the verge of a Major Contribution to the World At Large and your enhanced support would be welcome indeed. You are, of course, under no obligation whatsoever. Your Free Will is equally as important to us as is Mr. Unseth's Vision. Just remember this:

"Metti la migliore costruzione in tutto."
(Put the best construction on everything)

Thank you for your kind attention,

U.R. Welcome,
Director, IRD

p.s. As you'll note in the Greeting of this letter, you, yourself are something of a Dream ('Myth').

p.p.s. Surely you believe in Miracles--after all, you are one (the Miracle of Life).



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