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"I remember Ted Unseth as the brilliant arranger/conductor and bandleader who corralled a bunch of 20-year-olds into the Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra, one of he most amazing Jazz ensembles of the 1970's.  I had no idea he was also a great guitarist and songwriter, as demonstrated on this set of rare tracks from the late '60's - early '70's: his "I'm Goin' Home" CD.  It's strange but beautiful Country.  You should visit, you'll like it."
--Tim Sparks, National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, 1993.
"At risk of coining an oxymoron, I consider Ted Unseth to be a 'visionary musician'.  His taste, talent and drive have contributed to a body of work that is fascinating not only for its depth, but for its breadth, as well--spanning a wide range of styles with passion and mastery.  From the bandstand to the studio, he is an inspiration to his colleagues and audiences."
--Tom Lieberman, Executive Producer, "Sweet Land" (film)


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I'm Goin' Home

Ted Unseth  & the  West Bank Tractors

Special Guests

Troy Klontz & Jimmy Stewart

of Country Music Award-winning

Brooks & Dunn

==Full Studio Mix Album==

--Liner Notes &Lyrics--


01. I’m Goin’ Home

There’s a certain amount of Significance here:

This is the last tune I ever performed in public

as a Singer/Songwriter (after this, all my

attention would be on my fledgling Wolverines

Classic Jazz Orchestra).

As a matter of fact, this gig was a Double-Bill:

Ted Unseth, Singer/Songwriter; and

The Wolverines Classic Jazz Orchestra…

That’s correct, I was the Front Act for the

Band! And "I’m Goin’ Home" was the last

tune of the set and I felt like I nailed it real


Originally, a Solo Live! recording, I’ve now

augmented it with the Virtual Band.


01. Babe, and it's no lie

This life will pass you by

If you don't--but you will-- be my baby.


02. Take the chance: hold my hand.

Three cheers! Strike up the band!

Yahoo! Bobbydoo! You're my baby.


03. Man alive, what a day!

Have a cigar. Whaddya say?

Wazoo! How do ya do? That's my baby.


04. Help me up. Yeah, I'm O.K.

Pardon me, but outta my way

I'm goin' home, straight home, to my baby.


02. Fallin’ Down In Rainy Weather

I’d forgotten completely about this composition/session

for 32+ years. I’d intended to follow up with a sketch of

‘real’ lyrics—the lyrics here are glossolalia (‘nonsense’;

made up on the spot). Those in bold type are ‘keepers’;

parenthetics are anybody’s guess. Complete lyrics will

be available soon.


01.  Honey, we’re runnin’ out of money.

You tell me it ain’t funny, aw

It’s OK. Of course, (we’re just havin’ a day)

Fallin’ Down in Rainy Weather.


02. Well Baby, (can’tcha say "Maybe"?)

Can’t getcha (to say it), haw

Say "It’s all right". (Let’s give it a rest for tonight)

(We’re just) Fallin’ Down In Rainy Weather.


03. Honey, runnin’ out of money.

You tell me it ain’t funny, aw

Don’tcha see? Of course you do, it must be me

Fallin’ Down In Rainy Weather.




03. The Polishing Rag


This composition is one of several Recent Discoveries:

In the latter part of 2005 I decided to finally plunge

into boxes of reel-to-reel tapes from long ago. And

I came upon a recording session that I don’t

remember doing and 4 tunes I don’t remember

composing/putting together!

How is it possible that I don’t remember these?

The nice thing about it is this, though:

The recordings and performances are very

good quality.


04. Me and Old Eddie

This, also, is one of the 4 Forgotten Tunes. I do remember

scribbling Lyrics down and found my original copy of that;

but the rest of it? Nada. Glad I found it, though.

I’ve augmented this with my Virtual Band.

Talking Intro: 

"It's about Old Eddie.  There aren't too many songs that I

write about personal people or friends that I know; but it

was a very special thing:  I mean he got trouble with his

lungs that he didn't bring upon himself.   And, to top it off,

a good friend really let him down, real bad.  Well,

"Me And Old Eddie".


01. Sad as sad can be

Me and Old Eddie--

Tales he tells to me

Of his personal tragedy.


02. Eddie's lungs aren't good--

emphysema, bronchitis and asthma, too.

Each day he coughs up blood.

The doc says nothin' that he can do.


03. Cigarettes, no, he never smoked,

Just breathed the poisoned airs

In the foundries where he worked

And in the army fixin' aeroplanes.


04. Ed, he always laughed

Even if it made him cough.

But today he hangs his head

And tells me how he wishes that he were dead.


05. All because a drinkin' pal

Got drunk and couldn't hold his own.

Crazy drunk and fightin' mad

He beat his woman whilst Eddie's at the grocery store.


06. So when Eddie and another pal

Returned to Eddie's company

They too were beaten down

By this pal for whom Eddie’d bought the groceries.


07. So the one thing that Eddie could not see

Was how he still could believe in Humanity.

And as for me I tell no lie

What I could not see

Was what it's worth to him to live or die.


05. The Dodge

This one’s a bit of a stretch:

Imagine The Band in a large, empty hall after a gig. Ted’s up

on stage, noodling at the piano—he’s working on an

Idea for piano and voice. The bass player has picked

up on it and is playing along. The fiddle and pedal steel

players are off-stage, closer to the ‘mic’ and they join in,

too—a bit of a Late Night Jam Session.

Lyrics—none to speak of; pure glossolalia.


06 & 07. Hey There, Dog

Two versions.

The 1st was Solo in a studio.

The 2nd was a Live! performance at the

New Riverside Café in Mpls., MN; originally

a Duo gig (2nd guitar—Ed Beaty), I augmented

this with the Virtual Band.

Speaking intro to 1st Version:

" 'Hey There, Dog'.  Dedicated to all animals who

die at the hands of cruel people."


Hey there, dog--they didn't have to do it.

Why can't they leave us alone?

And I can't think what terrible pain did hurt them

That hardened their hearts into stone.

Late last night you strayed away from home.

I tried to find you but they had already strychnined you.

Now you're gone; and all that I remember

Is you and your doggone eyes.


08. Norwegian Shoulderturn


I once saw a Music/Dance Troupe from Norway. The

‘headliner’ was the #1 champion Hardangar Fiddle player

(and he was great!). The dancers had a very Subtle

way of changing directions—the Shoulderturn. This

piece reminds me of that.


09. Babe, Not That It’s The First Time

Live! at the New Riverside Café.

Ed Beaty—2nd guitar; Virtual—bass.


01. Babe, not that it's the first time,

But it is the worst time

Not to know that you decide to go

And time goes by so slow--I love you so.


    02. Babe, not that it's the wrong time

    But it is such a long time

    Not to hear a word from you in years

    And always with the fears: You're gone for good.


    03. Babe, not that it's the best time,

    But maybe next time

    You could see the things you do to me,

    Well, I could do to you. Please don't be gone.


    10. Concertino For A Couple

Of Pretty Good Hands


One of the Forgotten Four/Glad I Found It.


11. Tonight’s The Night

Live! at the New Riverside Café.

Ed Beaty—2nd guitar; Virtual Band.


01. I don't want to burden you, but

Help me just for tonight.

02. Wish you may and I wish you might

Help me get through the night.

03. All my teeth came out today

So help me fight through the night.

04. Hold me tight; don't let me go.

Just help me get through the night.


12. Your Lady On The River

Dedicated to My Best Friend of 37 years, Deanna Krantz.


01. When your Lady wishes to be alone

Well, you'll find her on the river skippin' stones.

And you'll be watching with all of the tears you have.

You won't even have your knees.

You listen to the love she feeds the Wood.

Don'tcha know that she's alive?

02. Here's your Lady finishing last night's dream.

Well, you know it's a feelin' so clean

You've got the birches bowed for overjoy.

She's your life, hey boy.

You listen to them cry; and you nearby.

Don'tcha know that she's alive?

03. She'll not see you--you will just happen by.

She'll be running and talkin' to the sky.

And she will ask you, "Why do your eyes be full?"

You tell her, "It's just the breeze."

You listen to her eyes--they've brought you home.

Yes, you know that she's alive.


13. Cabin On The Hill


Ted Unseth, baritone; Joe Demko, lead tenor;

Becky Riemer (Thompson), alto.

Live! at the New Riverside Cafe, 1973.


01. There’s a happy childhood home

And the my memory I can see

Standing out upon a hill

In the shadow of a tree.

If I only had my wish

It would give my heart a thrill

Just to simply wander back

To the Cabin On The Hill.

Ch. Oh I wanna wander back

To the Cabin On The Hill

In the shadow of a tree

I would like to linger still

Just to be with those I love

Join our hearts and over-fill

And I wanna wander back

To the Cabin On The Hill.

02. I remember well today

In this precious memory

Watchin’ birdies buildin’ nests

In the branches of the tree.

And my mind sees a spot—

Hear the ripplin’ of the rill.

And I wanna wander back

To the Cabin On The Hill.


[Ted speak:  "We ain't done yet."  Laughter.]

03. But the saddest of it all

I can never more return

To this happy childhood home

That is not how much you earn.

But I have a better home

Where they’re never comin’ ill

There’s a mansion in the sky

And it’s standin’ on a hill.




14. I’m Always Chasing Rainbows

Music & Words, Harry Carroll & Joseph McCarthy  1918


Ted, guitar; Becky Riemer (Thompson), vocal. From a

cassette recorded in Becky’s living room @ 1972. 

Becky sent me a cassette of several things we'd experimented

with at her house in the early '70's.  I was pleased to discover

this little gem.

This is real Musicianly Singing.  Thank you, Becky.


I’m always chasing rainbows

Watching clouds drifting by.

My dreams are just like all my schemes—

Ending in the sky.


Some fellas look and find the sunshine,

I always look and find the rain.

Some fellas make a winnin' sometime,

I never even make a game.

Believe me


I’m always chasing rainbows,

Waiting to find a little Bluebird in vain.


15. You Don’t Hear Right

Another case of glossolalia—lyrics made up on

the spot. Bold = keep; parenthetics = you tell me.

01. Hold that line now (even now)

Heaven and Nation (? ? ?)

You don't know--you don't have it.

Oh, you don't have it.

02. I don't sound like I would know

You don't look like you could (throw)

Oh no, you don't hear right.

No you don't even hear right.

03. Hmm...


16. Four Hearts Away

One of 5 special tracks on a reel-to-reel almost

forgotten, but saved.


01.  When I was young my thoughts ran wild


With notions of the truckin’ man’s dream:


Out on the road was freedom of style and


Breakfast by cold mountain streams.


But the older I get, the smaller my dreams


That’s why I  I  Well I’m


Ch.  One step away from the lottery


Two steps away from your door


Three cards away from the table


Four hearts away from the floor.



02.  The airplanes and railroads got bigger


But the truckers was holdin’ their own:


We ran ‘em by day and we ran ‘em by night


But the family still needed that loan.


What’s a guy gonna do with his friends down there,



That’s why I  I   I’m


Ch.  One step away from the mafia


Two steps away from your door


Three cards away from the table


Four hearts away from the floor.



03.   How long must I wait


For my train to be late?


I’ll do what I will if I can.


17. The One O’clock Leap

Dedicated to friend D.R. in Minneapolis, MN.

He's the only person I know of who successfully jumped off of the Washington Avenue Bridge (connecting the East and West Bank campuses of the University of MN, Mp1s.)and lived to tell about it. In the early 70's, Poet John Berryman (who was teaching at the U of MN) jumped off of this bridge, but made sure that he didn't land in the water (the Mississippi River), rather on the asphalt of the parking lot below--he was determined to End It All (which he did successfully do). Witnesses who saw him jump say he was waving and saying "Goodbye" on his descent.

Well, friend D.R. made his jump not long after that, but fully intended to land in the River (which he did successfully do). The authorities got wind of this little escapade and were ready to arrest D. after he jumped (which is Against The Law)--there were Police on either bank and a Coast Guard boat in the water, but D. swam to shore and eluded them all...


The tune "One O'clock Leap":

Based on two sources: 1) A piano solo in the middle of a Glenn Miller recording of "One O'clock Jump"; and 2) A bass solo by 'Slam' Stewart.

Performed Live! at the Firehouse, Minneapolis MN, Summer 1973.

Ted Unseth, piano/Joe Demko, bass: Duet.

Copyright 2006 © Ted Unseth





Old Eddie


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